Pinoy Vendetta
Greetings Web Administrator We are Pinoy Vendetta, And yes, as you can see, your website is hacked, just because it is vulnerable to hacking and no other reason. Please contact us at PV Official Page Don't worry, we didn't touch other files on your website. We're just replacing another index file. Your original file is safe and backed up. Note: PLEASE FIX THIS MESSED, TO AVOID ANOTHER ISSUE ON YOUR WEBSITE. | #PV.Pat
We're just watching you. We are Pinoy Vendetta. We don't die. We Multiply. We aren't worse. We're good guys. Expect Us! Pinoy Vendetta | RSG | Anonymous Philippines | Phantom Hackers. PH - Hitman | Dr3inuS | ThinkTwice | Formless | Rn.Hxx | n3farious | Mizuki | Pat | Centr1x | Pr3-H4ck3r | 4nti | Soz | Mik -
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